Introduction to my Blog.

My name is Naveen David and Im Unapologetically Christian. Thats all you need to know about me. Im in my 20s and look like a 35 year old dad with 2 kids. At least thats what I think. I love writing since I was 14. It all happens during my times in school. A school with teachers that I love very much to this day. A little school in a countryside with passionate teachers that wants to give births to young  individuals with eager minds to learn and contribute to society. Not just getting students to score A for their Maths or History test.
So to speak, it happens at that time. I fell in love with science and of course history. I was crazy about it and I never bother about what exam is about because I was so keen to learning and grow as a person. I was young and immature. But, I love it. Basically, science and history got me into writing. A bit weird so to speak. We expect that great writers comes from writing poetry, music, arts, travel and life journalling. But, then theres me. An idiot who just writes with black ink pen and only gets black monologue and moleskin notebooks. Pretty ironic I suppose. I remember writing down from the first 20 elements in the periodic table to my thought process to writing down all of the battles that took place during the second world war (D-Day Battle of Normandy) is my favorite of all time and also because it was the very first ww2 (Medal of Honor) game that I played on the play station 2 during my childhood. Now that,I’ve grown up. So, does my writing. I love to write subjects and topics from different branch of science to my own personal journalling to my interest and passion. So, the science of polymath is what I came up with. From my own personal education background to what I called myself as an autodidact self taught polymath in the 21 century, I will explain as I write my daily blog. What am I all about and what is the purpose of this blog and most important, my contribute to the society and community out there and to all the generalist that need their voice to be heard. Its something that I wanted to do for the past 3 years now and I finally found the courage to voice my passion and what Im all about. Thank you for reading and I will continue my journey as a blogger. Be patient for the presentation of my blog and as it needs more touch up. Finally,Im all open up to any suggestion to the blog and to my writing of course. I seek advice and criticism to get better as a blogger and writer. Once again,I appreciate the clicking and the reading. Cheers.


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